About Us

Kogenergy International, Inc., a Delaware “C” corporation with headquarters in Sacramento,  California,   develops solutions for  the disposal of municipal solid waste (“MSW”), medical waste (“MedWaste”)  and other industrial and construction waste.  We identify, evaluate, and provide our clients with project specific waste treatment technologies that take waste normally destined for landfills or older environmentally unfriendly incineration plants, remove recyclable materials, and convert the remaining organic and combustible waste fractions into preferably fuel which can generate energy products such as electricity, biogas, or steam.    Our waste to energy solutions taken from around the world reduce pressure on landfills and provide a valuable source of energy using state-of-the-art emission and cleanup technologies.

Kogenergy finished the executive level design for the Recife Waste-to-Energy Project currently awaiting its formal “Notice to Proceed.” Kogenergy, since its inception in 2004 has participated in an extensive lobbying effort in Brazil to promote the concept of Waste-To-Energy.  This effort was contributory to the passing of federal laws in 2005/2006 allowing municipalities to award concessions for periods longer than 5 years (the previous law) and up to 20 years; a timeframe commensurate with the needs of project financing.   Kogenergy do Brasil, Ltda based in Recife is a wholly owned subsidiary that owns 90% of the Special Purpose Enterprise, Recife Energia, S.P.E. formed in 2008 in order to handle Recife’s Municipal Solid Waste.    In addition to the City of Recife, Kogenergy has projects in various stages of development throughout Brazil.

Kogenergy seeks to eliminate pollution problems associated with landfills by using Waste Processing and Recycling technologies that maximize recycling and produces fuel for conversion into clean energy without the use of fossil fuels.  Our waste solutions provide sustainable jobs and a healthier municipal environment.  Contact Kogenergy to discuss your waste problems.